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Born in the French Champagne region, Denis and Nathan have lived abroad for many years but have remained Champenois at heart. Over the years, they were surprised to talk to friends who knew what champagne is, but did not know how the wine is made and what makes it so special, or even where it comes from. Seeing an opportunity to share the history and treasures of their wonderful region, Denis and Nathan joined forces to create the Champenois in 2021.

The Champenois was created to help the small winegrowers – businesses that have often remained in the same family for generations, and give them a platform. Through the Champenois, these proud hard-working craftsmen are able to share their passion and delightful wines across the Channel.

Joining the Champenois Club will allow you to discover the lively Champagne region in France and delve into the production process that transforms humble grapes into liquid bubbly goodness. This is an invitation to look behind the leading supermarket top-shelf labels and introduce you to the exciting world of the Growers Champagne.

Grower Champagne is synonymous with terroir-driven champagne. The winegrowers are often described as artisanal winemakers. They have a strong connection with their land, cultivate the vineyards and harvest the fruits to produce a champagne that reflects their unique terroir.

The Champenois sources artisanal champagne from an array of unique independent champagne winegrowers and brings the bottles straight to your doorstep. With notes about the wine and the history of the grower you will get the opportunity to rapidly expand your knowledge of the delightful sparkling wine and notice the particularities and differences between various wines and their terroir.

Did you know that on top of all the famous champagne houses, there are more than 15,000 growers in the Champagne region? 2,500 of them not only cultivate their land but also make their own champagne. Come down the rabbit hole and titillate your tastebuds with us!

Welcome to your journey to France’s Champagne region!


Denis & Nathan, Team the Champenois

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