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What Is the Champenois?


The Champenois is born with the passion I have for the champagne wine and my hometown in France. The idea is to invite you to discover the Champagne region and the little secrets of the world most famous sparkling wine that bears the region name.

What is The Champenois Club ?


The Champenois Club is a “Grower” Champagne subscription, delivering straight to your door an exclusive champagne that you won't find in a local supermarket.


Each month you will receive a handpicked bottle of champagne from small winegrowers in the champagne region of France. I will choose an exclusive variety of champagnes for you to discover and taste every month. The bottle will come with a bit of history about the growers, information about the cuvee of the month, pairing ideas and much more general knowledge about champagne.

Why should I subscribe?


Everyone drink champagne but do we really know why it is so exclusive and where exactly it is produced? The subscription will bring you more knowledge about the famous sparkling wine and its region but most of all it will help you to learn more about your own taste in champagne. Choosing a bottle of champagne to bring at a friend's dinner won't be a hassle anymore.


All champagne will come from small family growers therefore you will contribute to support the hard work of small businesses.

What type of champagne can I expect?

The variety of champagne that will be send out for you to discover are tasty artisan champagne. They are produced by the small family growers in the champagne region of France.

They are special as they will come from the grower's house directly to you. You will not be able to find it in your local supermarket.

They will  a real discovery to you.

Can I choose the champagne?


In the future why not? but at the moment sit down and relax I will choose for you and I am sure you will love it.

Can I buy it as a gift for someone?


Yes, Champagne is always a good idea. The bottle will come in a nicely designed and 100% plastic free packaging ready to be

offered to a family member or a friend.

Can I get the Champagne received in a wine shop or supermarket?


I am all about supporting the small winegrowers so I wish that one day they can be accessible easily via a wine shop or a local supermarket however it is not the case. The variety of champagne that will be chosen and sent to you will be not be easy to find and buy in the UK.


What if I want to buy more of the champagne sent?


The bottle sent is like a tasting. If you like it and would like to order more, drop me an email at and I will be happy to arrange.

When can I expect to receive my bottle of champagne?


The bottle will be sent via royal mail 48h within the first week of each month.

Do you ship only in the UK?


Yes, at the moment it's UK only.

Can I cancel my subscription and how should I process?


I understand that some situation can lead you to cancel a subscription. If that is the case, please do send me an email at before the 20th of the ongoing month and I will cancel the subscription and arrange the refund of the unused months.


The cancellation is valid only when you will receive a confirmation of cancellation from me. Every request of cancellaton after the 20th will result to the following month to still be charged.

Can I change my delivery address during the subscription period?


Yes of course. Please do send me an email with the new adress at before the 20th of the ongoing month and  I will update it for you.


It is your responsibility to advise me of any change of delivery addresses and update is valid only when you will receive a confirmation of update from me. Every request of change of address after the 20th will be too late.


How much is the shipping?


The shipping is already included in the subscription fee, so you don’t have to care about it.

Do you organise trip to the champagne region?


Yes , every excuse is a good excuse to come and visit my hometown and taste the champagne with the winegrowers directly. There is so much to see and discover I can't wait to organize this for you.

Send me an email at and I will plan this for you.


What type of payment do you accept?


The Paiement is by card via the website only.


Do you organize champagne events?


It is in the plans, at the moment I will focus on the champagne subscription but I hope we will be able to gather all the champagne lovers in a same place and share our experience.

If I own an active membership, will I get any other perks regarding the events and trips?


Yes, I am working on it but I will make sure that a little something will be done to thank you for your support.

What if I don’t receive my bottle?


Each bottle will be send via royal mail 48h track and sign so you should be fine. But you can send me an email at and I will investigate and check what happened.

What if my bottle arrived broken?


Although the packaging has been well studies to protect the bottle for any breakage, incident can happen !

If you receive a broken bottle, please send an email to with a picure of the broken goods within 24h upon reception of the box and we will arrange a refund or resend of the bottle

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