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You enjoy sipping a glass of champagne for special occasions but when it comes to selecting a bottle of champagne when throwing a dinner party, dinning out or even for a gift, you are thrown into the deep end.

The 3 month-subscription will give you an avant-goût of what artisan champagne has to offer. You will be armed with enough knowledge to understand your taste preference and learn

The shipping is already included in the subscription fee, so you don’t have to care about it.

Each beginning of the month you will receive an exclusive bottle of champagne from the finest local winegrower of the Champagne region

We will ensure you receive your first bottle of champagne the first month after your subscription if you subscribe at least 5 days before the end of the month !

You can either chose to pay the 3 months upfront or pay each month (see our terms and conditions and refund policy for more details)

One Time Payment
Monthly Payment
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    3 months Membership
    Valid for 3 months
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    Every month
    Monthly payment
    Valid for 3 months
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