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The Christmassy


Panic buying those last-minute Christmas gifts?

Why not treat a loved one to an artisan Champagne subscription and perhaps they'll invite you around to enjoy their new bottles!

With our 3 month-subscription to the Champenois you will offer them an avant-goût of what artisan champagne has to offer.

They will be armed with enough knowledge to understand taste preference, get a better understanding of champagne.

Most importantly, what better way to get your year off to the right start than by opening a very good bottle of artisan champagne coming directly from the winegrower’s home in France?


The first bottle will be sent during the month of January, please make sure to order your gift before the 20th of december !

How does it work?

1: Create a member account as if you were ordering the subsciption for yourself

3: Clic on the link of the email entitled "christmassy ordered" to fill up your gift recipients infos

4: Your lucky recipient of the gift will receive an email on Christmas day, inviting him/her to log in to the account and update the delivery address.

  • The Christmassy

    Valid for 3 months

Merry Christmas !

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